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Just received from our old friend, Tony Valeri:

Liberals Exposed by the Forshadowing of Things Before.
Those that attended the meeting of the Move-On.org liberal Congressional coven on 03-16-05 have been heard before. They were known as Fools, Stammerers, Deceitful Ones, Senseless Ones, as well as Unprincipled and Overhasty.
Of the many attendees that weeped, bellowed and screamed about all and every inequity they perceived was being brought down upon them by those once and again, dastardly, Republicans Senator Boxer was surely shown to be the most ill informed. But considering what State and region she represented it was no wonder.
Senator Boxer s admitting that the Senates Advise and Consent rule regarding appointments of judges required only a 51% majority vote and then adding . . . she thought a 9 more vote requirement should be added because that is what we liberals WANT; wah, wah, wah, was truly ignorant. Californians should hang their heads in SHAME for keeping this I Q challenged woman in office.
The foreshadowing spoken of previously is written and prophesied by ISAIAH in GODs Word, the BIBLE at Chapter 32: Verses 1-8, showing how GODS rule for justice will come about, at the expense of those type souls that attended the Move-On.org coven.
Of course the coven neglected to mention the morass of social failures their 70 year Liberal/Socialist agenda has created in this country, nor what to do about resolving ANY of them; therefore, LET THEM CONTINUE.
Thank GOD President Bush is aware of their failures and is willing to DO something about them. For once, a leader ISAIAH himself could be proud of and, of course, GOD himself.
Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR Tel: 541 607-6305 (tvaov@earthlink.net)

To which I replied:

Look, Tony: It’s not that what you are saying is always wrong – it’s just that, even if there is some rightness to it, it is so juvenile and elementary. It is a waste of time for people like myself to even bother with it.

If you understand, I am a real journalist. I don’t spend all my time, as I’m sure you do, just embracing opinions which reinforce my own. I make it a point to reach out and embrace diverse viewpoints. And, I spend a good deal of my time fact-checking my peers, to assure I’m not being sold a bill-of-goods. I never present as fact that which is only opinion, whether mine, or another’s.

Look, Tony: DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH ME ANY FURTHER, save for one of two instances: First, if you would like to set-up your own blog, but don’t know how, I will be happy to assist you, so long as you also forsake emailing, save to those who specifically requeest it. Second, If you wish to forsake emailing – as previously stated, and start you own blog without my assistance, where people that really want to read your crap (and I assure you, there are many) can go of there own volition, you can send me one final email, and inform me of the URL. Perhaps I will check there occasionally – but don’t bet on it.

Do you understand? The hammer is falling. Jay Tea might have been ineffectual, but he ain’t me.

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