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… that the mainstream media and the elites who run them are – to put it mildly – way out of touch with ‘fly-over’ America, and may have fatally misunderestimated the Palin appeal.

Item One (courtesy of the Great Blogfaddah) – Oprah balks at hosting Sarah Palin.

Item Two (courtesy of Rantburg, my source for all things pointed and sarky) Angry readers dump US over Palin.

I’m sure there are more out there. My one rather mild regret is that I don’t watch Oprah or read US, so I can’t join in the glorious pile-on of angry subscribers or watchers.

See, here’s the thing; I’ve got nothing against the hosts of TV shows, or the publishers of magazines favoring one political candidate over another. Hey, free country and all that. It’s when those hosts and publishers forget their main demographic and appear to be openly supporting one side over the other. It’s going to cheese off at least half the audience or readership, and I am surprised as heck that I have to explain this to people who have been in the biz since I was in high school.

You piss off your main audience at your peril. Two words to remember: Dixie Chicks.

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