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… But, in Fullerton, CA, they want every elementary school kid to have an Apple iBook:

The Fullerton, CA public school system is aggressive in its push to educate children in the ways of silicon. The school district is aiming to give laptops to select elementary and middle school kids, and they are developing a curriculum centered around students having access to their laptops. So why are some parents putting up a fuss? The plan requires parents to pony up almost US$1,500 for the privilege, and if you can’t afford it, you don’t get to participate in the program. Participating parents would pay about $500 each year for three years, and their children would receive an Apple iBook G4 laptop and entrance into the special program.

Well, some things have changed since this story was written about three weeks ago: The school district will loan some computers out, if the parents pay a $70/yr. “insurance” fee, and some charities have stepped up to the plate, for the truly needy.

And I realize laptops have become just about as ubiquitous as yellow Pee-Chee folders were in my day. But a $1500 iBook? Leaving aside the matter of the G4 being virtually obsolete, unless I was rolling in dough, I wouldn’t be spending $1500 on junior’s first computer. I repeat we need these.

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