27. April 2007 · Comments Off on You Know It’s Time to Retire When (070427) · Categories: General

When the Air Force’s NCO Professional Development Guide (previously known as the Professional Fitness Examination Manual) has space porn on it’s cover.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been involved with space in one way or another for the past 6 years. I know how cool and how important satellites are. They’re one of the reasons we can kill people and break things as accurately as we do. However,  the thought of the joystick jockies at Shriever whacking off on the cover of their study material just makes me feel like I need a shower in Lysol Simple Green.  Although, I’ve always assumed that’s what the whole joystick thing was about anyway.  Did I mention they wear blue jammies?  They wear blue jammies.

Yes, space is cool.  Space is hip.  Space is now.  But for the cover of our study guide?  I want atmospheric aircraft dammit!

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