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If you could erase any five bands/artists from music history, who would you choose?

Difficulty: “but if you erased (insert band here) then all your favorite bands wouldn’t exist” is not a valid answer. We’re talking fantasy here.

My answers were:

I’m going to try and cover one band from each of the last five decades. There are really too many to keep it down to five, but…

60s: The Beatles. I can listen to them now without retching, just barely.

70s: Bread. Seriously…the sound of David Gates’ voice will cause me to twitch.

80s: Toto. Was almost Metallica because when they first came out I seriously thought they were a parody band, but then I remembered “Rosanna.”

90s: DMB. I’ve been mostly clean and sober since 1988 with some relapses. Been good since 2000. I’m told that’s why I don’t like them.

00s: Nickelback. Actually, I kind of like most of the music of this decade…this one was hard. And though they technically were around in the 90s, I didn’t start to loathe them until the radio started playing them so freaking much.

Stolen from Michele at A Big Victory.

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