09. March 2005 · Comments Off on Zion! Hear Me! · Categories: A Href

I think I might do some cross-promotional stuff with the Shrimp Shack, like an experimental podcast thingie. If I did so, what would you like to hear? I scratched my first idea, since most of what I BS about (and what most people I know consider funny) uses rough language of a sort that makes Deadwood look like the Donnie & Marie Family Hour.

So tell me what you’d like to hear, if anything. I could just say every cuss word I know and leave it at that, but if I’m going to sit down and talk by myself into a microphone, I’m going to make the strangeness of that worth my while. I’m going to start going off on stuff, like astronauts and this sorry excuse for a space program. Free from the constraint of typing, I could probably fill-up 20 minutes just riffing on that, but I would like ideas about what you would like to hear. I’ve got some audio editing hotness, so it’s going to at least sound cool.

If I don’t get any ideas, I will not only say every curse I know, I will perform them in the melodramatic stylings of Lawrence Fishburne’s speech in Matrix 2.

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