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Temps in the 30s with wind, rain and snow, does NOT qualify as “SEVERE” weather.  If I can see down my street clearly to the “T” intersection (about a block and a half away) this is not limited visibility.  Visibility would be more limited if we weren’t getting any weather and the smog got a chance to settle down.  “Mountain passes are closed!” is not a reason to break into Regis and Kelly, it’s what’s known as “normal” for winter in the freaking mountains!  A crawl across the bottom would suffice.  Seeing your red, panic-stricken, hyperventilating face telling me you’ve come in early to “monitor the situation” doesn’t make me think any better of you, it makes me think you’re an idiot who migrated here from Southern California back when we were in a draught.

Seriously people, get a grip.  It’s just snow and ice.  You handle it by driving what we call “carefully.”  Say that with me, “Care-full-ly.”  Full of care.  It’s simple.  Slow down and be aware of the people around you.  Get off the damn phone, especially if you’re talking to someone you’re on your way to see.  Oh, and your four wheel drive protects you against, say it with me, “nothing.”  We’ve had black ice for the past three nights.  In case you haven’t learned the hard way yet, all four tires slide on wet ice just fine.

Your freaking out over every “weather event” just makes people become immune to your warnings.  If we ever do get a no-kidding, rip roaring blizzard dumping a foot or three of snow on us, we’re not going to believe you when you say to stay inside.

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Just ask The New York Times.

Mohammed on a moped do these miserable excuses for human beings not understand the word “classified?”

Definitions of Classifications:

Confidential: Release may cause damage to the United States.

Secret: Release may cause serious damage to the United States.

Top Secret: Release may cause grievous damage to the United States.

Understand you fucking idiots?!!! It can and probably will damage the United States!!!

Once again the Times has taken it upon itself to disclose a classified program, this time where the CIA is tracking terrorist’s financial transactions with the Treasury Department’s oversite. We’ve had successful results from this program. We’ve caught bad guys using this program. Now everyone knows about it.

Thank you to the New York Times for once again telling the bad guys how we’re doing it.

UPDATE: Looks like the Wall Street Journal ran the story also.

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A friend of mine sent this to me and when I do a search for it I see it’s all over the place already, but I really wanted to post it here for all of our readers too. Ben Stein has been a favorite of mine for years (Bueller? Bueller?) and over the past few years I’ve become even more of a fan. Seems like he feels the same way.

Greetings From Rancho Mirage
By Ben Stein
Published 4/5/2006 2:29:42 AM

Dear Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, National Guard, Reservists, in Iraq, in the Middle East theater, in Afghanistan, in the area near Afghanistan, in any base anywhere in the world, and your families:

Let me tell you about why you guys own about 90 percent of the cojones in the whole world right now and should be damned happy with yourselves and damned proud of who you are. It was a dazzlingly hot day here in Rancho Mirage today. I did small errands like going to the bank to pay my mortgage, finding a new bed at a price I can afford, practicing driving with my new 5 wood, paying bills for about two hours.

I spoke for a long time to a woman who is going through a nasty child custody fight. I got e-mails from a woman who was fired today from her job for not paying attention. I read about multi-billion-dollar mergers in Europe, Asia, and the Mideast. I noticed how overweight I am, for the millionth time.

In other words, I did a lot of nothing. Like every other American who is not in the armed forces family, I basically just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic in my trivial, self-important, meaningless way.

Above all, I talked to a friend of more than forty-three years who told me he thought his life had no meaning because all he did was count his money.

And, friends in the armed forces, this is the story of all of America today. We are doing nothing but treading water while you guys carry on the life or death struggle against worldwide militant Islamic terrorism. Our lives are about nothing: paying bills, going to humdrum jobs, waiting until we can go to sleep and then do it all again. Our most vivid issues are trivia compared with what you do every day, every minute, every second.

Oprah Winfrey talks a lot about “meaning” in life. For her, “meaning” is dieting and then having her photo on the cover of her magazine every single month (surely a new world record for egomania ).This is not “meaning.”

Meaning is doing for others. Meaning is risking your life for others. Meaning is putting your bodies and families’ peace of mind on the line to defeat some of the most evil, sick killers the world has ever known. Meaning is leaving the comfort of home to fight to make sure that there still will be a home for your family and for your nation and for free men and women everywhere.

Look, soldiers and Marines and sailors and airmen and Coast Guardsmen, there are eight billion people in this world. The whole fate of this world turns on what you people, 1.4 million, more or less, do every day. The fate of mankind depends on what about 2/100 of one percent of the people in this world do every day — and you are those people. And joining you is every policeman, fireman, and EMT in the country, also holding back the tide of chaos.

Do you know how important you are? Do you know how indispensable you are? Do you know how humbly grateful any of us who has a head on his shoulders is to you?

Do you know that if you never do another thing in your lives, you will always still be heroes? That we could live without Hollywood or Wall Street or the NFL, but we cannot live for a week without you?

We are on our knees to you and we bless and pray for you every moment.

And Oprah Winfrey, if she were a size two, would not have one millionth of your importance, and all of the Wall Street billionaires will never mean what the least of you do, and if Barry Bonds hit ninety home runs it would not mean as much as you going on one patrol or driving one truck to the Baghdad airport.

You are everything to us, as we go through our little days, and you are in the prayers of the nation and of every decent man and woman on the planet.

That’s who you are and what you mean. I hope you know that.

Love, Ben Stein

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We’ll be rolling out of here in April, heading West for one more go on the PCS-go-round before we finally retire back to Boise. (PCS: Permanent Change of Station for the civilian readers.) Doing the out-processing while moving while figuring out what to do with cats. You know..all that fun.

Inputs from me will be light if at all existant for the next couple weeks.

I’m not particularly sure if I’m coming back at all to be honest with you.

I’m having trouble being associated with someone who would burn the flag in order to express their displeasure over a law. It goes against what I believe on a gut level. I guess I understand it intellectually, but this isn’t about that. If I have to explain it, you probably wouldn’t get it. There are better ways to express your displeasure. Less insulting. More effective. To some it’s just a piece of cloth, to me and mine it’s so much more than that. I can’t get any more succinct than that.

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when there was a rent-a-cop at the gate of my base checking ID Cards.

I don’t like it one bit.

I know there was talk about this, but who thought it was actually a good idea?

Everyone I’ve talked to, including contractors, thinks that this is just going too damn far.


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I’m sure this discussion will be lots of fun when it transfers over to our crowd.

So Kid Rock is good enough to entertain our troops, he’s good enough to raise money and awareness, but he’s not good enough for the inauguration.

Great move. Make damn good and sure that any younger forlks and social liberals who voted for the President get the message, “Thanks folks, glad you supported us, now please excuse us while we turn our backs on you and get back to making the country all the same.”

As for Malkin…I knew she was conservative…I forgave a lot because of her wicked sense of humor, but I didn’t know she was a member of the thought and morals police.

“Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to “Go fly a kite.”” R.A. Heinlein

Ms Malkin, your kite Ma’am.

Via Goldstein who’s got more.

Michele’s not thrilled either.

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Attention Fox News and anyone else with this bit of footage:

I DO NOT need, want, or desire to see the child in the middle of the beach taken out by the tsunami.

And no, Shep’s concerned voice saying, “That child didn’t stand a chance.” doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

I think we understand how horrible this thing is without having THAT in our face.

Why don’t you just pull out the falling bodies from the WTC on 9/11 while you’re at it?

Is it sweeps week or what?