23. June 2006 · Comments Off on Pssst, Wanna Know How We Caught Hambali? · Categories: Letters to the Editor, Media Matters Not

Just ask The New York Times.

Mohammed on a moped do these miserable excuses for human beings not understand the word “classified?”

Definitions of Classifications:

Confidential: Release may cause damage to the United States.

Secret: Release may cause serious damage to the United States.

Top Secret: Release may cause grievous damage to the United States.

Understand you fucking idiots?!!! It can and probably will damage the United States!!!

Once again the Times has taken it upon itself to disclose a classified program, this time where the CIA is tracking terrorist’s financial transactions with the Treasury Department’s oversite. We’ve had successful results from this program. We’ve caught bad guys using this program. Now everyone knows about it.

Thank you to the New York Times for once again telling the bad guys how we’re doing it.

UPDATE: Looks like the Wall Street Journal ran the story also.

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