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I got this from a friend. I’m thinking this is geek week. 😉

What DnD Class Are You?
created with

You scored as Fighter. The questing knight, the conquering warlord, the king’s champion, the elite foot soldier, the hardened mercenary, and the bandit king-are all fighters.






















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Sorry to go so long without a post, and then have this, but it’s stuck in my head. I am inundated with having to hear her on a daily basis singing on the Time Warner Cable commercial. I hate her voice. Great pianist, but that voice. It is like a kid’s voice, only with no emotion. Granted I think Susanna Hoffs sounds like a kid, but a kid with emotion, and to me that is what separates a good singer from a great singer. Pour yourself into a song. Listen to and watch Stevie Nicks, who, according to Vanessa’s bio on her site, was in the studio with Vanessa on her latest album, along with Lindsey Buckingham. Lindsey could teach her a thing or two about putting some emotion in a song.

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I was sent this article written by Ben Stein in an email today. I thought it was nice, but ran it past Snopes just to check it authenticity. Thought I recognized the name, but saw his picture and wow! It’s the guy who said “Bueller……Bueller….”

How Can Someone Who Lives in Insane Luxury Be a Star in Today’s World?

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I heard this on the 2 Guys Named Chris show this morning on the way into work:

Lexington Pig Does Not See
Shadow; Spring On The Way?

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WTF is she thinking?

The War on Terror “cannot negate the existence of the most basic fundamental rights for which the people of this country have fought and died for well over 200 years,” she wrote.

Since when do foreign fighters captured in a foreign country fighting un-uniformed against our uniformed troops have United States Constitutional rights???

Fox article here: “Judge: Gitmo Trials Are Unconstitutional”.

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I received my last of two W-2’s last week, so I started working on my taxes. During that process I felt the need to find my pay stubs from my former employer. Somewhere in this house, I have put that green folder where it wouldn’t get lost. Riiiight. I finally gave up on inside the house and moved to the garage where there are still partially unpacked boxes. Got to the bottom of the first box, and found a PFE study guide. In other boxes I found orders, profiles, LES’s, old plane tickets, travel vouchers, and leave forms. Then came the topper. I found a 341 from Basic. 10 years that thing has followed me around.

And four days later I still haven’t found those pay stubs….

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Let me first issue a keyboard/monitor alert before I go any farther. I was reading Michele’s site over lunch, and busted out over her conversations with her kids. Gives me something to look forward to with my mine.

sex talk and a song

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The answer is no, the fat makes me look fat; the sweats just accentuate it. I bought this Air Force PT gear 4-5 years and 30 pounds ago. I’m wearing them today (the shorts & tshirt under the sweat shirt & sweat pants) because I was planning on a fairly vigorous workout yesterday. After I put them on, I got a call from the help desk that one of the backup servers was alarming. No problem. I’ll go in around lunch, and have it taken care of in about 2-3 hours. Got here right at noon….yesterday. It is now after midnight. I started the file system check at 1245…yesterday. It’s been going for 12 hours now. I don’t see it finishing anytime soon either. Now it’s a “How late do I stay” predicament. If I leave at 5am, I have plenty of time to stop and get milk and maybe even shower before getting kids up & ready for school. On the other hand, I’m damn tired.

To further ramble, I got a call from a user a few minutes ago and the echo was so awful. It was on enough of a delay that I could hear every word I said a word after I said it. Horribly distracting, and I don’t really like hearing myself talk. At least I don’t still sound like the hick I talked like in the 8th grade anymore.

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This is a winner.

Michael Moore’s Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge

Update: Maybe Not
Via Little Green Footballs

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Oh.my.God. See I knew there was a reason why I didn’t watch shows like Fear Factor. My husband is watching it and I just happened to walk through and these two girls are having to eat horse rectum. I even watched to brunette take the first bite. Now way. No amount of money. Blehck!

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A friend of mine sent me this opinion article this morning bashing President Bush over his Inaugural Ball.

Forget Iraq and South Asia, It’s Party Time

Grrrr. Like this chick at the LA Times has any idea what the troops, or the “common man,” think. I consider myself pretty common, and I could give a rat’s behind whether or not the President has a large expensive Ball, a small one, or even not one at all.

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…but this guy is clearly not a Marine, at least to a former Airman who was shown this one by a former Soldier who asked me, “Isn’t this an Air Force guy?”

Update: Looks like the Marines also have Tech Sergeants.

And I just noticed “Marine soldier.” Argh!

Update II: Per SgtMom’s request, let’s start with insignia:



And that from just googling “us military insignia.”

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I heard it on the radio on the way in this morning.

Ashlee Simpson’s Halftime Performance Falls Flat

Hat tip to Kevin Aylward at Wizbang Bring Back ‘Up With People’

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Via AFP on Yahoo:


Is it me or did the press catch former President Clinton picking his nose?

Original here: Politics Photos – AFP

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So there I was, doing a bit of organization, (another New Year’s resolution) when I get a Yahoo mail notification. It was a comment on one of my posts, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good when I saw the “name” of the emailer: “rape porn.” Don’t know if it’s just me, but looks like the freaks are out today in full force…

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I read some good ones at Townhall.com today.

Why the war in Iraq is an integral part of the war on terror

The Bush legacy will take a healing period

And yet another Ann Couler gem, 2004: Highlights and lowlifes.

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I don’t know if it’s where or when I went to college, but I just don’t remember it being all that liberal. University of Central Arkansas, 1987-1994. Took me longer than normal, as I couldn’t settle on a major. Third one was the charm. (Pre-pharmacy, computer science, and finally industrial technology) I read this Academic Freedom, Hate Mail And David Horowitz by La Shawn Barber, and started thinking about my college days. Well, what I can still remember, that is. 😉 There was an incident in my Assembly Language class that has always stuck with me.

It was the spring semester of 1991; the day after Desert Storm kicked off. My professor came into class that day, and started it off a little different than usual. He spoke about the start of the war with concern for our troops, but not in an anti-war protestor sort of way. Then he asked us to have a moment of silence, for either a prayer, or whatever depending on our beliefs. No one in my class objected.

The school newspaper stayed objective, leaving the pro’s and anti’s to the letters to the editor. There were very passionate letters from both sides. As I recall, the were more pro-military rallies than anti-war rallies in that college town. Of course, 2 of the three colleges were religious-based colleges.

Maybe by avoiding liberal arts classes, I avoided the liberalism. Maybe I was too wrapped up in fantasizing about becoming a rock star during classes where it would have been spewed that I just blocked it out. Given that I often credit my less-than-stellar grades with spending more time with my guitar than my textbooks, the latter is probably the case, though I am most sure location was a major factor.

At least I know what I may be in for when I start on my master’s.

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We almost had a white Christmas here in North Carolina. It came the day after Christmas, and we were on the edge of the system and got mostly sleet. In 35 years, I have had only one white Christmas, and it was 3 or 4 inches of snow sandwiched between 2 inches of ice. (One inch on the ground under, and one on top of it.) I had just turned 14, and we still lived out in the country. We were iced in for about a week. So for fun, I went to the neighbor’s dairy in the evenings to help feed an milk.

Post shut down Monday (with the exception of essential personnel), so I got a snow day. Granted I still worked all day on a class I will be teaching, and considered staying in my pajamas to work on it. Tuesday was 2 hour delay, but I only postponed the trip an hour. Trip was fine, until I got to post. Yeah, those roads weren’t so clear. Ah, there is just something about black ice, that reminds me of my first 3 years in England. There was about a mile strip on the back road between Alconbury and Molesworth that was adjacent to a small forest. Since it generally got very little wintertime sunlight, it stayed pretty slick if any wet stuff fell. Most people there would take the A14 back and forth during winter weather, but I “rebelled” as I was prone to do over some things. Yes, the back road was not ideal, however, all you had to do was slow way down, stay of the brakes, and you were fine. On a clear dry day, I could make the trip between the 2 bases on the back road in 15 minutes. When it was wintery, it would take me 30-45 minutes as opposed to up to 2 hours on the A14. Of course there was always 2 or 3 idiots who would rush on the ice/snow/frost, end up in the ditch, and cause us all extra safety briefings, and orders not to take the back road. What really got me about that was that there were generally more accidents on the A14 with greater damage and personal injury. Didn’t have to watch out for the lorries (translation:tractor-trailors) on the back road, which tended to make me feel safer.

Anyway, still winter stuff on the ground here, but it’s almost all off the roads now. It’s supposed to be in the 60’s through New Year’s Day. Ah, winter in the South. My parents got the white Christmas in Arkansas. Glad we went home for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas….

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Eight years ago today, I sat in a chow hall in Kuwait eating Christmas dinner with a bunch of strangers. I did my best not to convey outwardly what I felt inside. The last thing I wanted to do was draw attention to my misery, after all, I don’t think any of us wanted to be there. Still, it was my worst Christmas ever, as I was thousands of miles away from my 6 month old daughter…her first Christmas.

Three years ago today, my husband & I, his sister with her husband & son, and my husband’s stepdad sat in a hospital room and watched my mother-in-law pass away following a massive stroke. That topped my Christmas in Kuwait for worst Christmas.

Today, I think about all the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airman deployed on this day in the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Korea, and elsewhere and my heart goes out to them knowing that many are having their worst Christmas ever today. Their sacrifice helps to keep my family safe, and I am tremendously grateful, and pray for their safety.

My kids think today is the best Christmas ever. That makes it mine, too. 🙂

To everyone I wish Merry Christmas and God bless!

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My husband was active duty Army from 1987-1991. He was scheduled to be released from active duty in May of 1991. I remember talking to his mom earlier that year, and she told me that he might not get out in May because of the war (Desert Storm). She said it matter-of-factly, not with disdain, as she was extremely proud of his service. I didn’t hear the term “stop-loss” then, but I learned the concept. He did get released on time, without having to go to the desert. He was ready to go, and is still a little pissed that his unit didn’t go during Desert Storm, as they were ready. That’s what they trained for; that was their job. (He was field artillery.)

I joined the Air Force in 1994 under Delayed Enlistment, and left for basic training in 1995. I had planned to get out at the end of my first term, as I hated my unit, but re-upped for a chance to go to England, which was #1 on my first dream sheet. The week after I reported to my second duty station in the UK in March 1999, we started bombing Kosovo. My unit had several reservists and augmentees to help support, and several people there, including our commander, were stop-lossed. I can’t say I didn’t hear complaints, but I don’t recall any lawsuits.

In January 2001, I signed the Declination of Retainability (I forget the form name or actual title). At the end of my 3-year tour I would have had around 7 months left in the military, and didn’t care to tack on another 5 months just to go back to the states. I was done, plus I was being put in for Medical Evaluation Board for asthma to determine if I was medically fit to stay in. The powers that be decided I was. So there I was all set to get out. Then Sep 11 happened.

My first selfish thought as I watched that second plane hit live during my daily PT time was “Well, that’s it. I’m getting stop-lossed.” If I remember right, all branches implemented service-wide stop-loss immediately following, and then began releasing certain career fields as time went on. I know the Air Force and Army did. In January 2002, I began my job search. My release date was 29 Sep 2002. Around February, I was offered a job. Then I started looking into stop-loss effect on me.

I had enough leave saved to begin terminal leave in mid-July. However, it wasn’t going to happen while I was on stop-loss. So I looked into getting released. Essentially, I was requesting an exception to policy release from stop-loss. I did the paperwork, got the signatures, and waited. Two months after turning in the paperwork, it finally made it to the commander. The deputy sent word down that he wanted to talk to me about it. My NCOIC told me “He’s going to tell you they are recommending denial.” I knew before I started the paperwork that was a better possibility than approval. My incoming superintendent went with me, and sure enough, the colonel told me they were recommending denial, and wanted to tell me personally why. If I had been in their position, I would have denied me too…dammit.

I was understandably disappointed. My co-workers got concerned about me because I was quiet for 2 days. I got over it though. I respected the command for taking the time to explain to me one-on-one why they were recommending denial. Although there was no guarantee that my civilian job would still be there when I got released, it was likely not going to go away. After all, the odds of someone with a clearance and experience overseas walking in were slim. Besides, I raised my hand more than once, and knew before I raised it that first time that once I signed that paperwork, I belonged to the government. Sure I thought, “Dammit, I signed a contract, and I honored my end.” I never once, however, considered suing the Air Force, or the Department of Defense.

Given all that, when I saw this headline Soldiers Challenge Enlistment Extensions, I was sympathetic, yet appalled. As I started reading it, I thought the name sounded really familiar; like someone I went to high school with. When I saw he was from the Arkansas National Guard, I figured the odds were pretty good that it was who I thought it was. Our hometown newspaper confirmed he was indeed before I saw his picture in this article, Judge Nixes Troop Request to Stay in U.S..

According to the story in our hometown newspaper, SPC Qualls was in the regular army from 1986-1990. (I will not provide the link here as his home address is listed, and the story will be gone from online version on Dec 15. There are no online archives.) He was mentioned in this USA Today Op-ed Strain Begins To Show as Iraq Stretches Military Thin as being an Army veteran. To me, this begs the question “How did he not know about stop-loss before he joined the Guard?”

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As I was headed back to work from my lunch run, I heard the DJ mention Stevie Nicks and my ears perked up. He said that Stevie has a letter to the troops posted on her website. I read it, and thought it was nice. The website is www.nicksfix.com.

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Just received this link from a friend who forgot to warn me to grab tissues first.


God Bless our Troops!

UPDATE: The above link no longer works. I found a couple more out there:

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I was listening to my favorite classic rock station on the way home from work, when another listener called in. The DJ took the call live, and the guy asked her what was the song and who was it by that she had played just before the one that had just finished because that was some awesome guitar. After some bantering back and forth, she told him it was “Never Going Back Again” by Fleetwood Mac. He then said, incredulously, “That was Fleetwood Mac?!”

I remember saying something similar in high school. “Stevie Nicks is in Fleetwood Mac?!” See, I could remember hearing the name Fleetwood Mac back in the 70’s, but I couldn’t place the band with any songs. So when I first heard Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around while listening to Casey Kasem do the American Top 40, I thought I was hearing Stevie for the first time. Loved her music. By the time her second solo album came out, I was definitely a big fan, but I still hadn’t made the Fleetwood Mac connection. Even in ’84 when Christine McVie went solo, and Mick Fleetwood formed his Zoo (both of which I saw on Solid Gold), I couldn’t place Fleetwood Mac. It was Tango in the Night that did it for me. I thought, “Wow. Fleetwood Mac is good band.”

When their greatest hits album came out, I rushed to get the tape. Shock and awe. I realized that I knew almost every song on that tape, and loved them. I set a goal to get every one of their albums. I have since given up that goal as I don’t like their early blues, but I have all of the albums since the 1972 Bare Trees album. IMHO, English blues is crap compared to American blues, and I make no exception, even for Eric Clapton. Sorry, my opinion, and no amount of argument will change my musical taste. I was even more shocked to learn that I knew a couple of Fleetwood Mac songs from before Buckingham Nicks joined: Albatross and Sentimental Lady. Yes I once yelled at a TV commercial for a compilation CD touting the songs as by the “original artists” when they played a snippet of Bob Welch’s solo version of Sentimental Lady. He did it with Fleetwood Mac first…and better.

I learned that Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green wrote Santana’s Black Magic Woman. I also have to say I like Santana’s remake better than the Fleetwood Mac original. As I listened to Fleetwood Mac more, I decided that Eddie Van Halen is not the greatest rock guitarist in the world. Lindsey Buckingham is. I spent hours trying to play my guitar along with Lindsey. Then I saw him play, and I gave up. I’ve always sucked at fingerpicking and he plays a guitar with banjo-like fingerpicking. I’ve never had that kind of coordination. Guess that’s why it took two guitarists to replace him when he left after Tango in the Night. 🙂 I was really happy to see both Stevie and Lindsey go back to the Mac.

So what does this have to do with anything? Nothing. Just got to thinking about it, and decided to share. Any other Fleetwood Mac fans out there?

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I had a few minutes at work today to peruse the web while loading a new server, and ran across this article. Where do we get them?

I also read a bit by Bill O’Reilly and will make a rare exeption in my rant toward those who never served yet still run their mouths about things they can’t relate to. His Talking Points story is here. My gut instinct is agreement with Mr. O’Reilly given a) the Marine is, well, a Marine and b) he’s not a clerk who had no business being in that room in the first place.

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I’ve started five or six articles over the past couple of weeks, but haven’t been able to stay on focus. On the bright side, I have good starts. 🙂 I have had a fairly good Veteran’s Day. It’s my first in the states since I got out 2 years ago. However, like every Veteran’s Day since I got out, I didn’t get the day as a holiday, although I think I could have used it as one of my floaters. Alas, I had system maintenance that needed to be done, and today was a good day for it.

My husband had an appointment with the surgeon today in preparation for getting “fixed.” Since the kids didn’t have school today, and I have more than enough hours built up this pay period, I stayed home this morning. I had a great time playing soccer with my 6 year old. I’m pretty sure I pulled something behind my knee as it hurts like the dickens, but it was well worth it.

As I was driving into work, an absolutely horrid song came on my favorite station so I started channel flipping. Eventually I ended up on a country station, which means there was crap on the rock and pop stations. The song was “Have you Forgotten” which I had never heard before, and I had my cry, because I have not forgotten nor do I expect I ever will.

Back during the summer, a couple of friends came to visit. The three of us were stationed at the JAC together, and shared many a misadventure. Dr Dre, so named over his userid, was an Army Specialist, now a contractor. NMI, for No Middle Initial, is a lifer. We often refer to her as the future Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, which she does not appreciate as we do. Dr Dre hated the Army. He was a sharp troop, and kicked butt at PT, but loathed awards. I could always count on him to ridicule me (or anyone else) over getting an award, or a promotion. His goal was to remain a SPC until he could get out. Needless to say, I gave him all kinds of grief over getting himself promotable, but he managed to get released from Stop Loss before he could go to PLDC.

Given Dr Dre’s aversion to anything military, what he told me when they were visiting was a surprise, albeit not a bad one. He told us that since 9/11, he is glad he had been in the Army. He said it gave him an understanding about what life is like for the soldiers that he wouldn’t have otherwise. We all agreed with him.

Now for my rant. One of the things I’ve been hearing over the past 3 years is people not wanting our troops dying for ill-fought, misguided, illegal wars. While I respect their freedom to spew, they need to understand something. You can’t speak for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, or Airman if you have never worn a uniform. You can’t sympathize nor empathize because you cannot relate. So to them, I will exercise my freedom of speech and quote that great poster that says “How about a nice big cup of shut the f*** up.”

And to all the veterans, and those currently serving, Thank You. You have my respect and my gratitude.

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I was talking with a guy at the JAC about a year ago, and noticed he had some new photos up from his latest visit to a Sci Fi convention. I noticed in the background of one was a picture of Corin Nemec, and say “Hey, that’s my husband’s nephew.” A few weeks later the guy hands me a flyer for Collector Mania 5, which is held twice a year at The Centre in Milton Keynes. Corin was scheduled to be there, and Milton Keynes is only about an hour away from where we lived then. Corin’s dad is my husband’s oldest brother. I won’t go into details as it would take up too much space, but my husband only knew one sister growing up due to his parent’s divorce when he was 3. Next time he saw any of his Nemec siblings was when their father passed away, about 16 years later.

I had met Corin’s dad, Joe III, right after we moved to Tinker. Joe & his wife were working on the movie Twister at the time, and we all got together in Oklahoma City. May Day weekend, 2004, was when Collector Mania 5 was happening. It’s a 4-day weekend for the Brits. I took off a little early that Friday so we could get there before closing. It was my first time in Milton Keynes, and I was going off Map Quest UK directions, which I trust about as little as US Map Quest. I had a map of The Centre (which is a mall), so I knew which store was at the end where Collector Mania was set up. However, I was still uncertain we were at the right place as we started walking towards the entrance. About that time a really tall goofy looking guy with a “Staff badge” came walking out. He was the walking epitome of a Sci Fi geek, so we decided this was the right place. Well, we were still too late, although Robert England was still there signing autographs. We decided to give it another go in the morning.

Saturday morning we headed down, and beat Corin there, along with almost every other star. My husband had brought along the one hard-copy photo we had with us that was made with Joe III in OKC, just so Corin wouldn’t think he was some kook stalking him and pretending to be a relative. Once Corin arrived, we got in the “queue” and waited our turn. When it was our turn, my husband shook his hand, told him how proud he was of him, and handed him the picture saying, “I’m that man’s youngest brother.” Corin looked at the picture, rather stunned, looked at my husband again, got this big grin and said, “So you’re my uncle?” Then he gave him a hug, and told us he wanted to at least have dinner together over the weekend. He took our number, and we moved on. Now, I have to admit, I was thinking, “What if that was just a big blow off?” But just as he said he would, he gave my husband a call that night.

We met him again Sunday afternoon. At closing time, we met to head over to the hotel together. Now, he didn’t really know how to get to the hotel, and I sure as heck didn’t, so he said he would ride with us and we could just follow the van there. The van arrived and Corin told the driver he would be riding with us, and to please not lose us. Since I had been driving in the UK for 5 years, I wasn’t going to let them lose me. J During the drive, I remember thinking “Holy cow! Parker Lewis is sitting right beside me!” That was followed by “Wow, he has the same mannerisms and personality as my husband. I guess it runs in the family.”

We made it to the hotel and hung out in his room for a while. James was going to get a hotel room there and stay overnight while I went home with the kids. I still had to work Monday, and the kids still had school. As we were leaving, we decided to take a picture. So Corin walked over to one of the tables in the hotel courtyard and asked if one of them would take our picture, and the guy took a couple of us (with our son making a face in both). James & Corin walked off toward town to find a place to eat and I got in the car with the kids. As I was leaving the parking lot, I glanced back at the table those people were sitting at, and Denise Crosby (Lt Tasha Yar) was sitting at that table. I nearly soiled myself.

I left out early Monday afternoon again, and we headed back down to Milton Keynes, as it was the last day of Collector Mania. Corin was just about to leave as we arrived, so he got back in the car with us. Lo and behold, I got lost heading back to the hotel, and we managed to take the long scenic route there. Once we got there, Corin went to email his wife, and we just hung out in the lobby. The kids found another kid playing in the courtyard around the duck pond, so the 3 of them were running around. I picked out who seemed to be the boy’s dad, and wondered if he was a star. Didn’t recognize him though. I would have to go out every 5 minutes or so and remind my kids to stay out of the water. During that time several Sci Fi stars were milling around the lobby, and us. It was so cool! I noticed some people walking up from the parking lot. One of them was Denise Crosby. She walked over to one of the tables and sat down…with the kid’s dad. I looked at James and said, “What if that’s her kid ours are playing with?” Then my youngest nearly fell in the water. So I had to go remind him AGAIN to stay back from the water. As I was walking back, Denise Crosby said to me “I think it is so great that there are other kids here for him to play with.” I say, “Yeah, the kids are all having a blast.” Then she sticks out her hand and says “Hi, I’m Denise.” I’m thinking, “Like you have to tell me who you are,” but I just shook her hand and said “Hi, I’m Martha.” Had a great conversation just chatting about why we were there, and talking about our kids. I can only imagine the goofy grin I had.

Once Corin was ready, we went to eat. About half way through the meal I noticed that we were getting really good service. That was very unusual for us, not to say we got bad service at English restaurants/pubs, but, well, it’s just a cultural difference from American restaurant service. And that’s about as close to politically correct as I will ever get. Anyway, once we finished, Corin headed towards the lounge area with the kids, while I gathered our stuff, and James paid the check. As I walked out, I overheard the cashier ask James, “Is that guy famous?” AHA! That’s why we got good service. I almost laughed out loud.

It was such an exciting weekend for me. My co-workers told me I was absolutely giddy. It’s all about perspective though. See, I grew up in very rural Arkansas…dirt-road country. So, it was a big deal for me. Not as big a deal as getting to see the pyramids in Egypt, but still up there.

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Neil Cavuto from FoxNews had something to say about being a “victim” last week. Who’s to Blame? I grew up with a “victim” so I agree with Mr Cavuto.

I was perusing Free Republic last week also and found a great article. Funny thing about this one, a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with one of my co-workers about how great it would be if there was a Starbuck’s right off post. She had heard that someone tried to get Starbuck’s to send some coffee to the troops in Iraq. Starbuck’s allegedly refused saying that while they support the troops, they don’t support the war. I don’t know for a fact that Starbuck’s really took that position. I hope they didn’t as I love their coffee. I still got a bit riled up about it and made the statement that “You can’t support one without the other.” I was going to write about it, but then I had computer problems (random and increasingly frequent reboots) for a few days (fixed by disabling the onboard sound and installing a sound card), then coming home brain-dead from a script I was working on at work. JB Williams must have read my mind. He said what I felt, only much better than I could have said it. A True American Patriot

UPDATE: Thanks to Kayse for pointing out that the Starbuck’s story is an urban legend. I’ll include Kayse’s link here as well as the comment. Real Starbuck’s story